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Saturday, June 24, 2017  
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Avenue Dental, Ontario, Brantford

See it and understand it BEFORE the procedure is done.

At Avenue Dental, we want you to be comfortable while a procedure is taking place.

Having someone poke around in your mouth and not knowing what is happening can certainly add to discomfort. That's why we've acquired a whole series of videos that explain the procedures in high quality. You'll learn all about Crowns and Bridges, Restoration, Endodontics, even Brushing your teeth, Proper Flossing and more!

If you would rather view the videos at home at your own leisure or share it with the family, we can even send it to you through email! How's that for service!

Avenue Dental, Ontario, Brantford

Come on over to our clinic and see for yourself.

Avenue Dental | 82 Brant Avenue, Brantford ON, N3T 3H1 | 519 752 8022
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